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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Marriage Preparation Course

You could barely remember the ecstatic feeling of being proposed to, thanks to the monumental task of having to plan a wedding.

Sitting with potential wedding suppliers now add to your already hectic schedule at work, with your soon-to-be-husband, family and everything else in between.

Then someone asks you; Have you signed up for the upcoming pre-marriage counseling class yet?”

It’s tempting to de-prioritize it just so you may keep your head above water. Marriage preparation classes are usually weeks and weeks of classes you sit through for hours... plus... there’re homework on top of that.

So why trouble yourself with this when you can just read about marriage from books?

Besides, every dollar counts, and you’d rather put enrollment fee money into your wedding fund.

And even if it were a free class, again, who’s got the time, you might say?

But truth is: You have time. We all do...especially for the things that we value.

That said, here are 5 reasons why I think you should attend a marriage preparation course even when you’re the busiest couple in town. Hopefully, after reading this, you’d value marriage preparation class because I know you value your future marriage.

Taking a marriage preparation course was one of the best decisions we've made during our engagement.

1. It Opens Up Discussions You Wouldn’t Think Of Having.

These classes encourage couples to share their convictions, expectations and worries about marriage. You may have asked your fiancé about what he thinks of marriage. That’s great! But that is a very general question, however. But through carefully fleshed out, real-scenario questions, marriage preparation classes are able to bring out specific thoughts from both of you. One question that you’d probably not think of or dare discuss on your own with your partner is “How often do we have to see your parents and my parents?” Having someone else-the counsellor or the speaker at the class, ask this of both of you lessens the stigma of your being prejudiced.

2. It Provides Inspiration.

Everyone shares common married couple issues. While each situation has a unique context to it, yet the commands of the Bible to every married couple is the same. So you’re wise to commit to reading God’s word to help you perform your role as a future wife.

Also, having strong godly married couples around you will help you see how their obedience to the command make a marriage blossom. For short, you’ll need real-life examples to keep you inspired. Here’s an article about the importance of a marriage community that I totally agree with.

Your engagement season is not just all about planning your wedding but more about preparing for your marriage.

Taking the class doesn’t eliminate painful discussions you’ll certainly have with your husband in the future. But it will lessen them.

Chrina Henson says, “A lot of potential fights and disagreements come from unmet expectations. Talking through these things before marriage spares you from having to face a future misunderstanding.”

I love the worksheets we had during our classes because we’re able to go back to our answers to remind ourselves of our convictions and to re-assess them together when necessary.

3. It Provides You Opportunities For New Friendships

“You get to journey with other couples who are going through the same season as you. It's a big transition from singlehood to married life and it really helps to know that you are not alone in what you’re going through. You can also share with each other tips and tricks on wedding prep,” shares Angel Pascual. We’ve indeed seen many friendships fostered through marriage preparation classes.

Convinced that marriage preparation class is good for you? Then here’s 2-part blog on how to make the most of your marriage preparation course. Enjoy your engagement!

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