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Marriage preparations

Hey there, Joanna here.


Thanks for dropping by! You’re probably wondering “Is this website for me?"


For starters, I created this website for women who have just gotten engaged, gotten married or given birth, and are anxious about going through major life changes.

Like you’ve probably already experienced, going through transitions is stressful! There are so many balls to juggle. Along the way, many of the things we’ve built and have been protecting get depleted, broken, or lost. 


That includes time, money, and relationships.


But does this really have to happen when we enter into new seasons in life?


There will always be challenges. Stress will always creep in. We are not superhuman! But there is grace for us. And that’s what I want to help women identify, access, and embrace. That GRACE that’s available for us when we go through these transitions in life as a bride, a wife and a mom.


I am here to help women THRIVE.

My perspectives here are biblical. Let me say that upfront. I am a Jesus believer and I love that I have the Bible to refer to for life advice. And that’s what I share here. I also write about my experiences and those of others. But that’s not to say that our way is how you should do things too. Many of my experiences are learning events—I did lots of things wrong. And for things that worked, I write here as tips. You have to find your own “core” belief. What will be your filter when you hear advice from people, including myself? For me, the Bible is that filter.

Now, you might be asking, “What if I don’t believe in the Bible? Is this still for me?”


You are still most welcome to read my content! Feel free to use it for its practicality. Everything here is written with love and an intention to help. So enjoy!


If we haven’t met before, here’s a page where I write about who I am.


Now, it’s your turn. What life change are you in right now?


Planning a Wedding?


Congratulations on your engagement! For sure, you just can’t hide your happiness, even the random bystander can tell.


You have just made a massive life decision. You’ve just said “Yes!” to marriage with your man! And marriage with him means, among so many other things:


  • Accommodating his ways;

  • Being supportive even on your most tired days;

  • Showing respect regardless of your mood;

  • Loving him even when you don’t feel wooed;

  • Potentially having children who may look more like him than you; and

  • Waking up to his face for the rest of your life.

“Wait! Slow down. Let’s talk about the wedding first. I’ll think about those things later on,” you’re probably anxiously thinking.


You can. But there’s a better way. And that is to think now rather than later about your marriage that will be forever.


It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You’ve probably already started picking inspirations from Pinterest for your dream wedding. And whether it’s a vintage, elegant, beach, or under-the-sea wedding you’re thinking of, my strong encouragement is to plan your wedding with a life-long marriage always in mind.


Why? Because everything you do now is an investment in your future marriage.


Planning a wedding can be a tumultuous process that can easily cause you to set aside the long-term perspective. It’s for this reason that I write about various aspects of wedding planning focused on protecting your relationships, finances, and time. You’ll find posts about everything from planning a budget for your big day to organizing your wedding photos.


Just  Got Married?


With becoming a wife comes the role of a homemaker—if you choose to be that. This can be an area of doubt for new wives.


To my delight, I’ve learned that this doesn’t need prior experience. God is so good to give wives grace to perform such a role. Again, we can definitely grow into it!

Before marriage, my only experience in the area of domestication was when I had to make my bed because my parents told me so. I was notorious in my family for being a cluttered person. My mom even had to sit my then-fiancé-now-husband Michael down to make sure he could stomach how messy I was!

I learned domestication 101 while on the job of being a wife. I’m now able to keep the cupboards clean, plan our healthy meals in the most cost-efficient way, and plan for clean beddings every week–to the delight of my husband! 

I now totally enjoy homemaking.

I write to answer questions like:

“How do I declutter our home?”

“What do we eat when we are at home?”

“How do we save up on laundry services?”

“How can I make moving house less stressful?”

“How do we agree on our home design style?”


and many more!


Just Got Kids?


Are you pregnant?  Giving birth soon? Or have little kids?

Congratulations! Wherever you are at the moment, I totally understand how huge a change that is. And this life transition can stretch any woman to the point of exhaustion.


And my dream is for mothers to be released from the disabling pressures around us and instead to be empowered by grace. 

Whether you’ve chosen to stay home, work from home, or work outside of home, the desire to give the best to our children is in all mothers. Moving into parenthood means more administration, more things to clean up, and more lives to pray for.


I write about tips on preparing for birth, organizing the house with small kids, planning meals, working from home with children around, and praying regularly for our children.


I hope that whatever you find here can help you through the changes in your life. You’re wonderful, unique and gifted. You have what it takes to thrive.

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