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Can’t find a  Wedding Budget Worksheet  that really works?

Here’s mine. It’s meant to help you plan your wedding WISELY!


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Wiser Weddings: Budget Worksheet


One of the biggest wedding mistakes is not having a well-defined budget. Another big mistake is not knowing what and how much the “miscellaneous” expenses really are. This is how couples end up spending way over their budgets!

This worksheet will help you:


  • Identify and consolidate your wedding funds;

  • Project and estimate a budget for each major wedding item;

  • Identify the many specific items you might need;

  • Record all your expenses and payment deadlines;

  • Keep track of your budget.


The Wiser Weddings: Budget Worksheet   is a comprehensive budgeting tool in a Google Sheet that also serves as a checklist for a wide variety of weddings—from DIY to plug-and-play, and even a destination wedding.


You also get the  Wiser Weddings: Personal Finance Worksheet!


This worksheet will help you:


  • Understand your and your future spouse's financial situation. 

  • Learn about each other's principles on money.

  • Know exactly how much you can afford for a wedding! 

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